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Al Numero 8
– Staff –

We are the FOUR OF NUMBER 8.

Our lives have taken us for different reasons around the world, hosting and being hosted. And with this wonderful exchange we decided to share our experience.

Florentines, seduced by the San Frediano neighborhood, lively and centrally located. This fifteenth century building fascinated us with an apartment that faces a beautiful garden overlooking the Arno river, but also has a kind of intimacy with its own inner courtyard.

“Al Numero 8” felt like we had found home. We renovated it thinking about a new concept of hospitality encountered in our travels around the world and especially in northern Europe.

Feeling like you are at home, but being pampered like a 5 star hotel. Thus was born “Al Numero 8”. Following our passions in the living room and rooms we decided to provide a space to emerging artists and companies operating in the territory that attract our attentions with their philosophy and products.

We love being around people, so we often organize and host events, readings and much more. Not only for guests but also for Florentine friends who come to visit.

Elvira also known as “Heidi”, because I came to the city (not just any city, FLORENCE) from the mountains. I’ve been traveling since before birth because my mom moved to Switzerland when I was still only a twinkle in her eye. I speak 4 languages​​, but I prefer to listen while my guests speak. My previous experience in the hospitality industry has made me realize, that a tourist always has interesting stories to tell that I choose to make this my profession. I love chocolate (I don’t know if its because of my Swiss origin) and great food. My advice on Florentine restaurants will never disappoint you. I can’t wait to be able to give you a special place a in our dream home … Al Numero 8!leggi tutto

staff - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
staff - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence

Emanuela known as Ema. In real life I’m an actress, writer, director … and … put it this way: a journalist called me a “nomadic artist” I think this is closer to what I am. I’m always traveling for work to make sure that I have chosen my place in the world well. The only thing that I suffer from a bit when traveling is the word “return”. But since we opened this space even this word is a source of pleasure. I’ve slept in thousands of different beds or hosted just as many actors, actresses and wandering artists. But I never felt at home like Al Numero 8.leggi tutto

Mirko called Mirko. The fact that I can’t shorten my name makes me happy. No one can shorten your worth. I am (I’m told) an enlightening and enlightened entrepreneur. In addition to hosting tourists for years in other B&B structures, I bring light into the world with a lighting and Florentine artistic wrought iron furniture company. My company has curated in detail the lighting and some of the complementary pieces of the b & b. People tell me that I am an art lover and I know that they are right. Faced with works of art I get a sort of vertigo (The Stendhal Syndrome is also known as Florence Syndrome) and knowing Emanuela and her love for the arts has certainly helped me not to remain indifferent to the emerging artists that we host.
Like Elvira I love good food, especially the sought out kind, and if you want advice about our Florence all you need to do is ask.

staff - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
staff - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence

Simone also called “the Cat” for my lack of agility. In life I too am an entrepreneur, but instead of lighting I work with wood. In addition to accommodating tourists and students for years in a B&B fashion, I have an artistic design furniture company that has contributed carved tailor-made pieces to Al Numero 8. The decor has been designed and tailor-made to fit each room in our house. Because everyone knows that details make the difference. The artists that we host and the choices we made (or at least I hope) will confirm that. I usually go out to dinner with Elvira and I can confirm that her choices are a sure thing. If you want advice ask her. I wouldn’t trust Emanuela’s cholesterol. It’s better to listen to her artistic ideas.


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Al Numero 8
– Rooms –

Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence


room tosca - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence


room gina - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence


room silvana - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence


room mafalda - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence
Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence


room bice - Bed & Breakfast in the center of Florence

Al Numero 8
– Contacts –

B&B Al numero 8
Borgo San Frediano n.8
50124, Firenze
mobile: +39 349 3288499, +39 3493288446
email: info@numero8firenze.it